A shift of paradigm for psychological health Most of us did grow up in societies and systems which have a strong emphasis on competition. We literally got trained to be able to compete. Doing opposite is considered as not very smart, maybe even dangerous, and there is a lot of […]

The Non-Competitive Mindset
Weekly classes at Sadhana Forest, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India We will do weekly classes from now on at our new home, the reforestation and consciousness living project “Sadhana Forest”, which is part of the international township Auroville. New people can drop in at any point. We always do lot’s of […]

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method
As we meet people here and there who get interested in learning the special style of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Quan) that we are doing, I put together a few links that are very helpful for everybody who wants to learn it. Our Master Chen Zhonghua is very good in teaching, […]

Learning Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – free videos

I want write about sugar here, because I think the importance of this topic is generally underestimated. And further, I am curious about what YOU think about it. There are a lot of topics related to “holistic, natural and healthy live-style” where we already found so many other people (and […]

Sugar – 5 reasons to delay the first contact

Please watch this interview, I think it is a very good, and especially very positive inspiration on our way. Dr. Vandana Shiva is talking about the so-called “Green Revolution” and about the immense power abuse of the big food companies. When we want to succeed to live in freedom and […]

Wolf-Dieter Storl: Interview – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Already some time ago we found this incredible method of building self-sustainable and ecologically, off-grid houses. Since then I am totally convinced that this is the way to do it. In case you have not seen those before, please have a look. The main principles are just convincing. This here […]


Chen Taiji in India 5
At least for now. Yesterday! Again I was thinking while training (yes, these are the moments such thoughts come up!), if everything fits in my life. Travel, to be in India. Why? Since I quit my job at university, Michael is making all the money. Since more than one year […]

I found the purpose of my life.
Recently a reporter of the Chinese Magazine “Women of China” got curious about us living on Daqingshan, on the mountain. Here is the story how it got published in the print version. Thanks to Sarah Wang for the allowance to re-publish it. In case you are interested in our living […]

A Chinese Magazine writing about us
… because this is not possible. But we can try to change ourself, which is almost as difficult. We don’t want to underestimate this fact. Working and thinking in a holistic way over the time made me seeing more and more patterns. One of the “bigger” ones is how everything […]

Changing the world? Of course not …