Qigong 气功 (氣功)

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The term “Qìgōng 气功” is quite young and was used only since the 1960ies, but it refers to old Daoist and Buddhist methods of self cultivation. Qigong usually is done for holistic healthcare, but also for spiritual development.

  • “Qì 气 (氣)” is life energy
  • and “gōng 功” is work

So we can simply say Qigong is the work to nourish our life energy. This includes everything from the material world (food, air, etc), but also emotions and thoughts.

Complete Qigong methods should include all that in the training system. Originally, Qigong came out of Daoist spiritual practices, just like Yoga in India. The main idea of healthcare is not the health by itself, but to increase or better to say, not to shorten our lifespan. Striving for a longer life not because of fear from dying, but in order to use our potential to grow spiritually in this life.

Jing – Qi – Shen

Basically in Qigong we use the concept to separate our human reality into three spheres:

1. the physical (jing)
2. the energetic (qi)
3. the spiritual (shen)

This of course is quite simplified, but it helps to deal with exercises and methods in a holistic way. Qigong exercises all have a physical part (movements or certain positions to hold) which has the function to work on the energy (qi). And secondly the mental activity / meditation is incorporated (shen).


Qigong – Classes and Workshops in India, Auroville and Elsewhere

Beside focusing on Taijiquan, I taught Qigong back in Germany since many years. I was also in touch with some lineage holder Masters of these arts, and I had a 3 year intensive education as a Qigong teacher as well.

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