Online Qigong Lessons

www.the-taiji-family.comQigong online lessons by Michael Winkler (… link to vita)


You can book private lessons, or organize a group to share this lesson.
Very flexible in timings.

If you are interested, please contact us and we can arrange a first video call for free, to check on the modalities and technical requirements. From there on you can decide how many lessons you want to pay in advance, and we can start!


  • a smart phone, tablet or computer with webcam and microphone
  • some space to show your whole body on the screen of the camera
  • some sort of tripod (those mini tripots usually already do), or another method to place the camera, so that I can see your whole body
  • (not mandatory) for more convenience a wireless headset or a headset with long cable, but in a quiet environment also the microphone from the device is fair enough

That is all we need.


So please go ahead and contact me via the contact form, and I will reply to the email you give there. You might also write a WhatsApp message to +9I 5o5 67 oo3 – you cannot copy paste the number, you need to type it per hand – spam protection, sorry 😉

The further details we can discuss there then (what messenger to use for the sessions, payment details etc.).


The rates you can find on this page (please scroll down to “Private Lessons”)


See you soon and have a good day,
Michael Winkler



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