Learning Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – free videos

I put together a few links that are very helpful for everybody who wants to learn the special style of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Quan) that we are doing, .

“Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” might sound very modern, and also the look of our style differs from most other styles of Taijiquan, but actually this method is very traditional. Our Master Chen Zhonghua and also his teacher, Grandmaster Hong Junsheng, made a big effort to KEEP the original content of this art.

Nevertheless, Master Chen Zhonghua was always very open-minded and modern when it comes to teching. He did use the modern media of online videos from the beginning to an optimum, sharing a lot. Of course this will never totally replace real hands-on instructions,and those also everybody can get a lot when coming to the classes and workshops.

To give you a taste, and also to help the beginners to get started, please check these videos, they are all FOR FREE!

For further materials please have a look at the shop on www.practicalmethod.com. I recommend to look for the complete “Basic Foundations” video, then “Yilu – Detailed Instructions” and then “Yilu – Energy Allignment”.

To really work well with those videos I further recommend to use some tools to download them. On Android there is “snaptube” (not in the PlayStore!), and for firefox you can use “DownloadHelper” for instance 😉


Detailed Introduction

by lineage-holder Master Chen Zhonghua


The two circles – incl. brief introduction

the main foundation exercises, with a small introduction into the background history of our style and lineage


Basic Foundations with explanations


Learning the Choreography

Yilu part 1 in seperated movements by Michael Winkler


Our main form, the “Yilu”

by Master Chen Zhonghua


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