Shiatsu 指圧


Shiatsu is a holistic treatment method from Japan which was created by Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905–2000) and developed further by Shizuto Masunaga (1925–1981).

The roots of this art goes back to traditional Japanese massages and the old Chinese medicine.

Later on there where many different styles evolving worldwide. The school I learned from was mainly influenced by Shizuto Masunaga`s “Zen-Shiatsu”, and my teacher Jochen Knau (Berlin) emphasized the non-acting aspect a lot.

This refers clearly to the Daoist idea of “wú wéi 无为“. Though we have a lot of theories and concepts within the art of Shiatsu, when the treatment is happening we need to get our mind completely empty and enter this special state, non-judgemental and pure presents in the here and now.

Technically the idea is that we have mechanism in us to heal and regulate. We want to clear the way from all the obstacles, which are fundamentally self- or human-made. Further we clearly recognized that the human mind will not be able to fully understand nature.

Shiatsu is a method to learn this state of “non-acting”, and it is also a beautiful opportunity to experience how things start to happen when we simply open the space for them to happen.

In the end, Shiatsu is not a treatment in the common sense. There are a lot of physical techniques, but all of them are based on these principles. It looks like the practitioner is “doing” something to the client, but very different from that the techniques always create the circumstances in which then things can happen.

This is difficult to describe with words only, those things need to be experienced directly.

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