Changing the world? Of course not …

… because this is not possible.
But we can try to change ourself, which is almost as difficult. We don’t want to underestimate this fact.

Working and thinking in a holistic way over the time made me seeing more and more patterns. One of the “bigger” ones is how everything could, and I think should, be reversed.
In general, humans use to look outwards, but working with holistic medicine for instance highly calls on looking inwards. So for instance instead of fighting all the external stuff coming towards us, or also instead of fighting symptoms, there is another method to nourish ourself, so that our own “core” of our whole system as a human becomes so strong that it can naturally match all the problems coming from outside. Such a nourishment means training, special training which is holistic, like Qigong or Yoga could be. Also Taijiquan has such capabilities, I believe.

But when we constantly insist on focusing on the external trouble we will have a hard time to succeed in this internal change. Beside that we might end up using and consuming a lot of stuff, mainly making the companies more rich and our own bodies more weak, further losing our senses for what is really good for us or even getting addicted. We degenerate in a way that our body cannot take heat or cold any more, we will be more and more dependent on air-condition or heating systems, more and more unable to survive on our own.

We want to go a totally different way.

I grew up in the countryside of Bavaria, at a time where it was considered normal and healthy to play in the dirt. My mother made sure that we spend most of the time outside, climbing trees etc.
Today I observe more and more parents who don’t allow their kids to touch “dirt” – which is actually not dirt but just “earth” … isn’t that crazy?

At the same time these kids got so many vaccines and all sorts of medication, the skin is pale and the body weak. Avoiding sugar is not considered important at all, even if we have a bunch of professionals already who did “scientifically proof” that sugar and vaccines are in general not good for the immune system. Just to drop another two examples.

Of course these points are discussable, but one thing to me is clear:
What we try to do in case of the vaccines, for instance, is to control nature and to make nature better. But how could we, as we are part of it? And to add a word on the sugar example: all the sweets are not to be considered “food”, right? But a lot of people just “serve” these to the very young kids, as if they are full of valuable vitamins, ignoring the fact that most of us are actually addicted by things which were made up by big companies to earn money? Isn’t it obvious, on a general level, that it is better to study nature in order to follow it?

So at the moment we are in India, it is March 14, we are about 500km south of Bombay, and it is getting very hot.
I am blond, my little one as well, and even we are perfectly fine without using one drop of cream against sunburn. We just payed a little attention not to jump into the sun for hours from the beginning on – slowly increasing.
Some parents consider getting brown already as not healthy – seriously! We should go back to school and pay attention in biology, I think …

I am pointing out these examples not because I consider the single ones as the most important thing.
For me the most important thing is the PATTERN behind them. The reversal of the point of view. Understanding this, I believe, would be really beneficial. Then, making practical conclusions in our way of living, we need enough people who share this kind of knowledge.

In those examples I am thinking about education the most. Also within this topic, the overall pattern: we don’t want “to teach” our kids. Much better would be to “be a role model” – to life what we like to pass on, to turn every theoretical knowledge into a practical action (not using cream, instead being reasonable with the sun, e.g.). So our kids will see and experience everything. Much more valuable than opening a book.


So the main point for me is: we need to change ourself, we need to educate US, not THEM. We need to strengthen our hole system instead of fighting or even avoiding circumstances. When a kid is crying or making trouble, we usually constantly are asking “What is wrong with this kid?” but we should better ask ourself “What is/was wrong with us?”.

This to me is a very crucial general point in our philosophy, and to turn this idea into reality we need more people around us who share this opinion.

In case you might be one of them, go ahead and contact us, and in case you really disliked what I wrote, please feel free to start the discussion, but please use the comment function on this website here. This way I will really read it and everybody else can participate. On social media a lot of comments will get lost, and also I will not read and answer all of them.

Thank you very much!

Have a nice day and all best,


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