The Taiji Family – Daoist Arts

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With this blog we want to share our experience as practitioners of some special internal arts. Especially the application of the Daoist principles in those arts and then in all fields of life are very useful, and this leads also to a quite different lifestyle.

Chen Style Taijiquan – Zen Shiatsu – Qigong

We are a young family, and my wife and I both are 20th Generation Chen Style Taijiquan disciples of lineage holder Master Chen Zhonghua. Beside that I am a Zen Shiatsu Health Practitioner and also a teacher for Qigong.


Holistic Healthcare & Free Natural Learning

These are all holistic arts that emerged out of the Daoist culture and the profound knowledge of the Taiji principle of yin and yang ( ☯ ). This basic principle can be applied literally everywhere, but it requires some special skills which need to be trained.

This website is a personal blog, where we want to write about all related topics, mainly being inspired by Daoist thinking, Theravada Buddhism, holistic methods of healthcare and way of living, alternative branches of modern science in terms of education, like Emmi Pickler, Gerald Hüther, André Stern and some more.

All these to me seems to be in direct opposition to the common mainstream, therefore we want to connect to you to share experience and help each other to create the world we need to live in in a sufficient way.

In case you are interested in Taijiquan specifically, please go to the website This site is monitored by our lineage-holder Master Chen Zhonghua. Or you can go to the German website, which is monitored by myself and our trainers in Germany.

Thank you for your attention, I wish everybody lot’s of inspiration!

May all beings be happy,

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