Sugar – 5 reasons to delay the first contact

I want write about sugar here, because I think the importance of this topic is generally underestimated.
And further, I am curious about what YOU think about it.

There are a lot of topics related to “holistic, natural and healthy life-style” where we already found so many other people (and parents) who not only share our views, but also take similar actions.

But with this topic, our experience, especially in communication with other adults, it is a bit different:
It seems that a lot of people just say, “Yes, yes, sugar is very bad.” and then they go on serving industrial sweets to their kids just like before …

Well, I think, there are several things showing up, but before getting into this I want to say: When thinking about sugar, mainly meaning the refined white one (but relatively also the brown and even carbohydrates, from white to dark bread), I am NOT concerned about our teeth the most. I am also not only concerned about our physical body. Especially as a parent, first of all I am concerned about the addictive character of sweets, especially all the industrial sweets, and what our kids learn if sugar is used as compensation for something else.

Once a small kid got in touch with sugar, it is a very strong force driving this little one wanting to have it again and again. And this is not special for kids, we as adults may be as much affected in the same way. Doubts?

In case that you have some, please make this experiment (senseless for those who don’t like sweet things at all, of course):

Try to live one week without
any white sugar.

Try this for real. Very likely you will have an interesting experience.

I am pretty convinced that in the end we can agree that we are talking about something really addictive. Further, I think we all can agree that (white) sugar is not something we really need, like vitamins, proteins or minerals. So this should already be enough to avoid giving it to our little kids, isn’t it?

Next point: sugar “works” so well on kids, just like the (TV) screen. Whatever the problem is, kid is crying, we cannot find a reason, but the sweet “helps” …
Sure, very often we are on the edge of what we can take when we have a (first) baby. But this “help” is no real help, it is a compensation, a strong stimulus which overwhelms the real issue.

Being a bit more clear on that might help parents to decide not to use this drug and instead try to delay the first contact to sugar as long as possible.


Our personal experience

Our son building an Earthship 😉

Our little boy is almost 4 years now, and as much as possible we kept everything away which contains sugar. But not only from him, also from ourself. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to succeed, but it is not impossible. Grandparents may react a bit strange when they are asked to eat cake at another time, not when we are coming on Sundays, or try a new recipe …

The difference we could see, especially in Lukas earlier years, was huge.

Beside avoiding sugar we also did try to establish a regular pattern in terms of eating times. This was not our strong point, but actually we always had three meals, and in between we did not really eat.

So what we observed is that the majority of kids in the same age were much more concerned about food all the time. Babys in baby-wagons or little kids walking around very often have a piece of bread or some sweets in their hand. When stopping somewhere to wait for something, immediately there is this idea popping up to have something to eat. When going out, even when it is only for one or two hours in between the meal-times, a lot of people are worried about having enough to eat with them …

So with Lukas we experienced that on the one hand he was never concerned with the topic “food” at all, and on the other hand he was always very strong and healthy. Also quite often he had more weight compared to some friends kids who did eat all the time, and who had sweets.


Some Facts

  • scientifically proven: sugar highly nourishes cancer! Tumours have been decreased by simply very low carbohydrate diet
  • White sugar causes the body to always issue a maximum of insulin, he cannot “measure” the amount, like he can with natural things. I think we should consider it as a fact that sugar is directly liked to diabetes
  • There is a very big and powerful industry behind it. Powerful enough to even make the WHO statements forgotten in the media.
  • (White) sugar is not a food that we need.
  • Using sugar is like using a drug. One can compensate a lot of mental and emotional problems with it.

So when we use the sugar as a tool to get along a bit better with our kids, we are also teaching them how to use a drug. We are compensation something. Very likely, the child was not crying because of being hungry. Only after considering this, for me the view on this topic starts to get holistic.

Finally I like to come out with my own story, because I consider myself a true sugar junkie. And I can tell, getting rid of this addiction is so much more harder that getting rid of smoking, drinking alcohol or smoking weed.

To us it was quite sad that there are so little institutions who enhance this way to look at it. It would be so easy to have a kindergarten without serving any sugar, it would be just a question of a decision.If not fixed on already, no kid would miss it.


Please let me know your opinion, and please use the comment function on this website, so it can be read wherever this will be posted. Also only here we guarantee that we will read and answer them.

Thank you very much and have a nice day,


Thanks to Pixabay for the free pictures!

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