Our Services

Independent of where we are and how the circumstances are, we can always offer our services:

Training classes for
– Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method
– Qigong
– Zen-Shiatsu

And holistic treatments
– Zen-Shiatsu


Sarah and myself are both Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples in “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method”, we both have the official trainer certificate. I train Chen Style Taijiquan since 2003, and since 2010 this particular style “Practical Method”. Sarah did start with Practical Method in 2011, after attending one of my Qigong classes.

I further have certificates for Qigong and Zen-Shiatsu, a holistic treatment method based on the old Chinese medicine. This is a manual method of acupressure, with lot’s of western methods for mobilisation.
I am not a medical doctor, but a “Gesundheitspraktiker”, certified by the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin (DGAM)” and member of “Berufsverband für Gesundheitspraktiker (BfG)”.
Translated: Health-Practitioner, German Society for Alternative Medicine, Association of Professional Health-Practitioners

Our prices and conditions totally depend on the circumstances and where we are.
In living communities for instance we may offer our services just as contribution to the common life and wealth, but in a profit orientated high class SPA we may call on the professional rates, of course.

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