Our Vision

Our live goal is to find a way to live to match the rules of nature and to create a lifestyle to follow the Dao. In my personal understanding this cannot differ from following the divine. The Daoist idea is non-dual, just like all the other true spiritual teachings from India and elsewhere.

Creating a lifestyle in harmony with nature for us are practical and crucial steps. We are part of earth, and earth may nourish us, therefore we need to take care of it.

Joyfully … 😉

This can also happen joyfully, as this means to fulfil the real needs, and there is deep desire from within, full of light, joy and inspiration.

Free natural learning

Also we want to live without violating our little ones, those who have this extraordinary capacity of learning with enthusiasm in a speed which adults say that it is so fast. We don’t want to destroy this, we don’t want to cut down their abilities to develop naturally.

Our usual way of life is quite contrary to these kind of approaches. It is driven by the market, profit orientated and full of short term thinking. Even science in fields like our so high-praised western health system, are almost totally controlled by lobbies. Food industry the same.


Therefore we want to explore possibilities to create new systems in community, self-sustainable and 100% ecological, avoiding unnecessary waste and pollution, and let our children learn as free as possible.

Let’s get together, free our minds and spirits, and let’s claim our birthrights for fresh air, unpolluted food free from any chemicals, constant growth and freedom!

Obviously there is a lot to do in order to have all that, and for this we might need YOU, like-minded people, to work on this together.

In case you resonate with these directions, please get in contact with us!

More texts and videos on these topics might follow soon, so please stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter.


See you soon and warm regards;