A Chance for Artists & Musicians in Auroville

Physically we want to manifest a community, with shared facilities for training, community kitchen and meeting spots. But another part will be my Auroville Activity “Divine Arts” – the registration for is in progress.

Through this AV Activity, I will be able to provide a legal umbrella for performing artists and musicians, but also for trainers and coaches, to be able to provide their work as a contribution to Auroville.

Every income generating activity must be done legally under such an umbrella, when you come from an foreign country with an entry visa. This activity might give you an opportunity to spend your time as a volunteer here in Auroville, and at the same time be able to build up your future, in case you want to join us.

So in case you resonate with The Charta of Auroville and the core ideas of our international township, and if the arts you want to provide do also fit into this meaning, then I am more than happy to provide you opportunities. Please also check the official website of Auroville: www.auroville.org

You can get in touch through the contact form, or by leaving a comment below.

Hope to see u soon and all best,

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